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ABOUT US – Buy and Sell product or service with Cryptocurrency and Debit/credit card.

Marketspaace has three main goals…

We want to be an inclusive platform where everyone regardless of the currency they wish to transact in, are welcome. We care about providing the growing number of crypto users an outlet to spend cryptocurrency as well as earn cryptocurrency through selling items. Whether our customers wish to spend Bitcoin for an iPhone and our sellers wish to earn money in fiat, we handle this.

Our team is also committed to helping our users build wealth. We provide them with the ability to invest in crypto easily and earn crypto interest. Alongside this, we also offer cloud mining to mine Bitcoin from your phone. These are part of our wealth earning initiatives for our users. Our value of integrated experiences has made us ensure that all earnings of our users can be spent on the app to promote the idea of purchasing through earning. Should our users want, they can also sell crypto earnings and cash out to their bank account.

As a whole, we exist to improve and innovate past the current eCommerce experience for all users, both sellers and buyers. We wish to stand as an alternative to eBay and Amazon and provide a simple, fresh, fun, new way to trade online.

Why Market Spaace:

We have created the “space” which allows all of our users to spend from what they’ve earned and earn back what they’ve spent!

Market spaace, not only combined the ideas of e-commerce, investment and crypto together, it also contains all of the amazing features below:

Instantaneous crypto to stable coin conversion, which is not affected by crypto fluctuations. Plus an 8% APY interest rate offer!

Cloud mining service, with a customised investment budget, anyone can become the boss of their own mining operation!

We are a platform where you can get unique, amazing, deluxe items that are also high quality pre-loved products, with unbelievable price.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, all the products are verified on the market spaace app, to ensure our customers are fully protected.

Create your new space and choose the role of seller, buyer investor, or be all. Start to earn, spend and invest at the same time! A new level of eCommerce marketplace, the MARKET SPAACE APP!