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10 Top Rated Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites 2021

10 Top Rated Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites 2021

Are you looking for a cost-competitive and reliable cloud-based crypto-miner, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss 10 top-rated bitcoin cloud mining sites 2021. We’ll nail down the best cloud mining sites that are gaining traction over the internet.

If you want to earn by BTC mining but don’t want to keep gigantic hardware mining rings, then cloud mining is the best viable option for you. Before we delve deeper into the best bitcoin cloud mining sites, we first discuss cloud mining and how you can rent your mining equipment to mine bitcoin. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Overview of Cloud Mining

You participate in the mining pool in cloud mining and purchase a considerable amount of ‘Hash Power.’ Profit is evenly distributed amongst all the participants of the mining pool based on their hash power. It enables you to mine bitcoin without purchasing and installing any hardware equipment and using behemoth energy resources.

Many cloud mining companies can do the difficult part of the job for you at a very reasonable cost. If you are willing to earn bitcoin without bothering difficulties associated with it, consider using the service of the below-mentioned cloud mining sites.

List of Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites

1. is one of the best bitcoin cloud mining sites in 2021 you can use. Market Spaace is an eCommerce platform that allows users to buy and sell goods or services, using both cryptocurrency and credit card.

After your signup, You can mine Bitcoin straight from our app for purchases or bank cashout. You can mine Bitcoin from your phone. These are part of our wealth earning initiatives for their users.

MarketSpaace provide them with the ability to invest in crypto easily and earn crypto interest. Their value of integrated experiences has made us ensure that all earnings of our users can be spent on the app to promote the idea of purchasing through earning. Should if their users want, they can also sell crypto earnings and cash out to their bank account.

2. HashShiny

HashShiny is arguably one of the best cloud-based crypto miners with an astronomically fast speed and the highest level of security. It first came into the picture in 2017. From then on, it has been providing cloud mining services for many of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

The development team of HashShiny claims they have developed the world’s largest cloud mining platforms integrated with up-to-date technology.

HashShiny currently supports many of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization Ethereum, Zcash (ZEC), Litecoin (LTC), Dash, and Decred (DCR). If you are willing to start mining with, then the company has a very attractive package for new users. Its new users can enjoy a 5 TH/S SHA-256 (BTC) hash rate.

3. IQ Mining

In 2016, IQ mining stepped into the cloud mining industry. Since its inception, it has garnered quite positive feedbacks from its customers.

The company provides a remote equipment service that enables users to participate in cloud mining. Within a short time, IQ Mining has almost grabbed 50,000 users. It offers three different packages based on your preferences and investment model. Bronze Packages Silver Packages Gold Packages

There are many cryptocurrencies available at IQ Mining; you can choose anyone to mine bitcoin. To start cloud mining, you don’t have to pay any registration or subscription fees. To minimize the risks, it offers smart contracts.

Furthermore, IQ Mining has a soft and user-friendly website interface. Since it is based in Europe, the platform supports four major languages (French, Spanish, Russian, and English). With a very small investment, you can earn hefty returns.

These cloud mining sites was primarily designed for small investors, but very soon it has garnered substantial traction from investors and industry experts.


ECOS is amongst the best cloud mining service provider in the industry. It was developed in 2017 in Armenia. Following the development of these cloud mining sites, the government of Armenia and the company behind it signed an agreement.

ECOS was designed to address the needs of those clients who are passionate about cloud mining and no longer want to pursue excruciating self-mining. Aside from having headquarter in Armenia, the company head office is also situated in Russia.

What differentiates it from all the other available cloud mining sites is its legal status. It is the only cloud mining platform endorsed by the international financial regulatory authority. ECOS offers its clients cloud mining services for only one digital coin, bitcoin that is the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Currently, the company is offering its services to almost 40000 users across the world.

5. Crypto Universe

It first came into the picture in 2018, and it is another great cloud mining provider that allows its users to earn from crypto mining via its lucrative plans and contracts.

The platform operates from the Russian federation. Since the electricity rates are considerably low in the Northern region, the crypto universe prefers working from this country. To enable users to harness long-term benefits, it offers three different plans named standard, VIP, and tariff 2025.

6. Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is one of the world’s largest cloud mining sites that offers mining services. It was initially established in 2013, but within a few years of its existence, the company captured a significant market share and outperformed its competitors by providing easy and smart investment solutions.

As of today, the company has around 2 million users from all over the world. The company is touted as the largest hash power provider for bitcoin and altcoin from the hash power standpoint.

The platform allows its users to mine bitcoin and altcoins. Leveraging the hash power you owned, you can mine different crypto coins. Therefore, you can mine different cryptocurrencies to minimize the risk of price volatility. The company enables miners to pursue their work in a hassle-free way.

7. Hashing24

Hashing24 is arguable the best cryptocurrency platform that provides a cloud-based mining service. The organization has been in the same domain since 2016, and its research team is consistently striving to address the needs of miners.

Hashing24 is situated in United Kingdom, Thailand, and Ukraine. Unlike other mining sites, Hashing24 provides unlimited plans to its users to invest in.

On Hashing24, users are not limited to fixed contracts. The customers are free to select hashing power and payment method on their own. They can also select their desired plan based on their expected profits. Lastly, customers can immediately withdraw their earnings.

8. Hashflare

The site was initially launched in 2015, and it has successfully captured a noticeable market share. Currently, the site has around 1 million visitors each month.

At this platform, users can mine ZCASH, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. The platform provides a unique mining pool solution. Users can customize their pool based on their preferences and hash rate.

The profit is evenly distributed to all the participants of the mining pool based on the hash rate. The most enticing feature of Hashflare is its low barrier to entry and doesn’t require a huge investment to start.

Besides, it is equipped with a real-time mining statistics feature so you can track your profits in real-time.

8. BeMine

It came into the picture in 2018; BeMine operates in Russia and CIS countries. They were considered pioneers of cloud sharing of ASIC mining rigs. BeMine hardware mining rings have a processing capacity of 70,000Th/s.

BeMine combines Russian data centres, as well as BTC miners and crypto enthusiasts across the world. BTC miners can deploy their hardware equipment in a partnered data centres, while the crypto miners can purchase and store mining equipment.

What’s more special about BeMine is that users are not restricted to ensure their physical presence during the purchase, transportation, installation, configuration, and maintenance of ASIC.

8. Eobot

According to a marketplace cloud mining survey, Eobot is the best cloud mining site and crypto exchanger. It was initially launched in 2013 in the USA. Even though it can only run in a web browser initially, you can now run it on both Android and iOS devices.

Eobot has acquired 2.2 million users with thousands of active users who harness this platform daily in a very short time. It also aids in real-time trading via its diversified collection of digital assets. Eobot provides a great service to its users with a wide range of tools. Additionally, it also allows its users to trade in a wide range of cryptocurrencies.


Cloud mining is becoming popular among the BTC miners community because it makes the mining process easy and cost-effective. You don’t have to invest your precious time and money in acquiring mining resources by using the cloud.
For this reason, cloud mining is considered more cost-competitive, convenient and lucrative than the mining you do with the hardware. Cloud mining has a very promising future, but crypto miners always strive to find legitimate and reliable cloud mining sites.
I sincerely hope, marketspaace cloud mining guide will help you in selecting the best cloud-based crypto miner. If you haven’t mine bitcoin yet, we strongly recommend you explore any of the sites mentioned above so that you can realize how lucrative this industry is.